Latest NEWs

It’s been a busy time recently at Blanchardstown Hospital Society. So busy, indeed, that we’ve had to create and publish a Latest News page!

This section of the site will keep you up to speed with recent and upcoming events alike, so check in often to see what’s happening.

Progress Report 2021

Blanchardstown Hospital Society is delighted to have been able to assist Connolly Hospital to enhance facilities, purchase equipment and furniture and enable fundraising for the benefit of patients and their families. We have liaised with and built up a good working relationship with the General Manager, Operations Manager, Estates Department, various CNMs, Managers and various departments throughout the hospital. These projects have been cost neutral to the Hospital.

Upcoming events

As we’re all aware, our tireless team of volunteers can run faster than speeding bullets, and leap giant buildings in a single bound! If you’re like them and have a strong spirit of adventure, you can join us in our latest high octane activities!

On August 13, 2022, we completed another exciting fundraising activity for the Society, with a crack team abseiling from the roof of Ireland’s largest sports stadium, Croke Park, Dublin. We’ll be posting more updates about the event soon, so stay tuned to our news section and Social Media Channels!

So, Croke Park’s roof is fairly high, but our adrenaline seekers aren’t satisfied with that!

We’re delighted to let you know that we’re going for something just a touch higher! On Sunday 25 September, 2022, we will be holding our Second Annual Skydive at the Irish Parachute Club. For more information, please click on the Jump Button below to fill in your details. We’ll be in touch to let you know the next steps. 

Latest NEWs

It’s been a busy time recently at Blanchardstown Hospital Society. So busy, indeed, that we’ve had to create and publish a Latest News page!

This section of the site will keep you up to speed with recent and upcoming events alike, so check in often to see what’s happening.


Abseil Adventure

A quick look at some of the images from our Abseil Adventure, which took place in Croke Park on August 13th

Invitation to share

Recently curated exhibitions by our great friends in the Connolly Collective. See some of the incredible work on display.

Cheers Noel!

As Noel heads off in to the retirement sunset, read some kind words from his friend and long time colleague Mick Roban.

Cycle 2021

A terrific day's fun onsite, with friends and colleagues working together by cycling to raise funds for the society.

Abseil adventure - August 13

On August 13, 2022, our intrepid adventurers took to the giddy heights of the roof of Croke Park, from where they navigated their way to the pitch below.

Our 31 hardy souls were excited, if a little nervous, but the good news is that everyone stuck to their task and made it to the bottom unscathed!

Huge thanks to all of our colleagues, friends and supporters for making the day such an unqualified success. Thanks also to our friends from AWS In Communities and Erin Go Bragh GAA Club for their participation, unswerving support and superb fundraising efforts for the event. Looking forward to the next challenge!

invitation to share

2020/21/22 Connolly Hospital

The residents of Silverbirch Ward created these works in the year before COVID. Mary Clarke and Annabel Potterton, two of the artists in the Connolly Collective, facilitated the weekly painting sessions along with Nurses Margaret Lynch and Martina Kelly, activity coordinators in the Unit. 

‘We had music, chat, laughter, and an environment which enabled the residents to make the images displayed.

‘The staff guided us, the residents made us laugh and joined us in making art (some became more arty than the artists). We were happy to be there, and the atmosphere that was created by all, set the tone for our Art Sessions The combined dabs, squiggles, and abstract shapes of the bigger images were a joint undertaking by the artists, residents, and the staff’.

Unfortunately, COVID came, and is still here. Some of our friends are no longer with us.

We hope the families of the residents, patients and staff enjoy this bright colorful display of happy times.’

Additionally in the gallery are some photographs, poems and collages shared by the staff of Connolly Hospital. They are images of happy times, in and out of the workplace. Thanks to our colleagues for allowing us to share your experiences.

Medicine makes life possible. Art makes it worthwhile.


All good things come to an end, it is said, so it’s with a mixture of sadness and happiness that we announce the retirement of our dear friend and colleague of many years, Noel Murray.

Thanks to Mick Roban for his kind words.

We’ll miss you Noel. Thanks for everything. Wishing you many years of happy retirement!

static cycle - update

May 28 – Connolly Hospital

A crack team of athletes took on the “in-house” section of our Charity Cycle.  Unfortunately, before we had time to grab the camera, the athletes had left and all that remained were our own colleagues, so we took some pictures of them!

You can see some of the hardy souls involved in the galleries. 

A super event and a great effort by all concerned, raising funds for the Society.

Don’t forget, the event runs to June 6th and you can still register for and support it by clicking “Join”.

#check your balls

In March 2020, David Buckley returned home from GAA training, having completed a regular session with his team mates at St. Brigid’s GAA Club. He felt an unease and a sense that something wasn’t “right” with his groin. He put it down to a bang at training and waited for it to get better.

However, as the days went on, it became clear that the problem wasn’t going away. After discussing it further with his girlfriend, he resolved to get it checked out. 

After a series of tests, it transpired that David had a cancerous growth on his testicle, requiring immediate attention. Thankfully, following a successful surgery and follow up consultations, David has now  received the “all clear”.

So grateful was he to the medical teams that looked after him during his illness, he was moved to run a fundraising event to give back to those who had helped him along the way. He and a selection of his friends ran 8km, every four hours, over a period of 24 hours.

The Society is exceptionally grateful to David and his friends, whose hard work and determination led to a donation of over €6000.

His message to all men of all ages is to check themselves regularly, without feeling embarrassed. Checking could literally save a life.

You can read more about David’s story by clicking the “Story” button.

dashers to the rescue

Each week DASH Container Café provides a platform to raise awareness and support for local community-based good causes. DASH will donate funds raised between 10am and 12pm every Sunday to the week’s chosen cause.

On Sunday June 6th, Dash Container Café at The Hole in the Wall pub will be promoting the Society.

If you’re grabbing a coffee on Sunday, you’ll have an opportunity to help the Society at the same time.

You can find out more about Dash by clicking the “Dash” button.

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